Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Ph.D.
Artist, Assistant Professor
Lehman College, The City University of New York

【Critical Networked Experience】

Jonah will discuss his projects and work in the theme of “Critical Networked Experience” that challenge and subvert accepted notions of network interaction and socialization. Some projects he will discuss include “BumpList”, an email community for the determined, “Killer Route” a GPS navigation system that integrates live crime data, “WSSID” a hacked wireless router that broadcasts the weather, “Alerting Infrastructure!”, a website hit counter that destroys a building, “Email Miles”, a spatial shift to representing email messages, “PoliceState” a fleet of radio controlled police cars who’s movements are dictated by terrorist keywords sniffed on a local network, “Wifi-Hog” a portable system for regaining control of public wireless networks and he will also discuss his “Scrapyard Challenge” hardware hacking workshops that he has been running since 2003. He will conclude his talk with a live demo and explanation of “Lively”, a web and mobile based project that allows for collaborative interaction from mobile devices on a shared public screen.